the f1ctional jeunes-f1lles

*jeune-fille (french) : young girls / young ladies

Will you be her husband
or her daddy ?

Experiment NFT love on Solana.

★ roadmap ★

1 - bonded by
Solana bl0ckchain

Mint your f1ctional jeune-f1lle on Solana blockchain so anyone can check you are b0unded forever.

2 - x-ray room

Drop your f1ctional jeune-f1lle in the x-ray room to reveal her true nature. (soon available)

3 - f1ctional artbook

10 random f1ctional jeunes-f1lles of each rarity rank (total 120) will have their place in a real printed art book sealed with the wallet address of their initial m1nter.

4 - 0pen art

Free usage r1ghts to combine with other nft projects,
even commercial ones.

5 - airdrop of bab1es NFT

11 mounth after the m1nt, an happy event for loyal h0lders.

★ bonus if sold out ★

6 - f1ctional s1sters

Win the sister of your choice.

(value ~60$)

Only if you have one of the three legendary f1ctional s1ster and reclaimed her on the discord.

7 - real-size g0ddess

Win the goddess of your choice.

(value ~2000$)

Only if you have the unique epic f1ctional g0ddess and reclaimed her on the discord.

★ utopia ★

8 - metaverse dating sim

Experiment your f1ctional jeune-f1lle NFT in a metaverse dating sim.

★ faq ★

will there be a sec0ndary market?

Yes, stay tuned to our social medias to f1nd out.

what are the sec0ndary market sell taxes ?

5% for the team

what will be the m1nt price ?

0.5 Sol + fees

how many NFT max can I m1nt by wallet ?

5 max by wallet

what is the age of the f1ctional jeunes-f1lles ?

They are 0fficially between 15 and 30 years old... but you'll learn more about your f1ctional jeunes-f1lles in the x-ray room.

what is a jeune-fille ?

On magazine covers, in advertisements, in movies, among celebrities, among influencers and in the art history, the jeune-fille is the most over-sold and over-coveted archetype in our society. So much so many women want to be jeune-fille again, and even some men want to be a jeune-fille !

The f1ctional jeunes-f1lles celebrate this archetype. But who are they really behind their appearance? You will find out in the x-ray room.

after the x-ray event, what if I don't like the true nature of my f1ctional jeunes-f1lles ?

You can erase your memories and love her like day 0ne.

can I divorce my f1ctional jeunes-f1lles ?

Blockchain mint b0unds are forever... but you can destroy her heart and sell her.

can I have sex with my f1ctional jeunes-f1lles ?

No, the f1ctional jeunes-f1lles are not made for sexual purposes.

can I c0ntact the team ?

Yes contact us on tw1tter or disc0rd.

★ rarity tips ★

count the stars

It's the easiest way to get a rarity estimation.

purity ring

Some people will probably want the f1ctional jeunes-f1lles who hold that proof of innocence.

daddy's girl

Some people will probably want to be their dad.
Don't judge.

The f1ctional jeune-f1lle is not there to be criticized.

The f1ctional jeune-f1lle is not supposed to understand you.

The f1ctional jeune-f1lle is not your trade-toy, don't sell her or you will make her sad.